Joke Of The Day

I broke up with my gym. There’s no doubt
That I’m not what you call real devout.
It’s my fault; didn’t go
Very often, and so
It just simply was not working out.
(Kirk Miller)

At the Musicians Arms, I went in;
Couldn't hear myself speak for the din
As some foul-stringed quintet
Played an old minuet,
Indeed, It was a truly vile inn.

U.S. Congress is one that caters
To big business. They act like traitors.
Seems they always delay
Doing work. People say
That they ought to be called legis-laters.
(Kirk Miller)

Went to Kona with friend of mine, Howie.
After several days, he said, "Now we
Go to island just west
Where the surfing is best."
So we said, "Here today, gone to Maui."
(Kirk Miller)

To do the Lord's work while they play,
The ministers gardened all day.
It was hard to decide
On the right pesticide,
'Til they found the one called "Lettuce Spray".

Be a masochist? I had a doubt,
So I asked my advisor about
What it takes to be one.
If you'll pardon the pun,
He said go ahead, knock yourself out.
(Kirk Miller)

I asked farmer Jones. Why wide he
Had made his new tractor. Replied he,
I need a two seatah
Because when I meet a
Nice gal, I will want herbicide me.

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